Stripe Payment Module:
“This module – along with stripe payment processing – is a godsend for anyone looking to integrate credit card payments into their Xojo project.  It is so easy to use you can set yourself up to accept payments in just a few hours saving yourself days, if not weeks, of work.  On top of that, it comes with excellent developer support from people who really care about helping you get up and running.  This product is so great that I contacted them and offered to send along this endorsement.

-Steve Trombley
Praximity Consulting Group
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Excel Exporter v2.4
Author simulanics
Author email admin©simulanics.com
Author website http://www.einhugur.com/
Description Set of REALbasic classes to export from data from REALbasic applications to MS Excel file format.

Main features:
-You do not need to have Excel on the computer to be able to write the Excel document.
-The class can be used to export data from a customized data source.
-The class can optionally use a StyleGrid as data source to export from.

Note: This class needs the following Einhugur components installed:

*StyleGrid 8.3 or later (if intending to export from a StyleGrid)

New in 2.3:
Added a SetColumnsToRepeatAtLeft method to the ExcelExporterSheet class.

Added a SetRowsToRepeatAtTop method to the ExcelExporterSheet class.

Added a Formula property to the ExcelExporterCell class.

**Visit www.einhugur.com for the dependency files required.
Image Click here for screenshot
Filesize 354.16 kB
Date Saturday 10 March 2012 - 23:14:07
Downloads 48
Not rated