Stripe Payment Module:
“This module – along with stripe payment processing – is a godsend for anyone looking to integrate credit card payments into their Xojo project.  It is so easy to use you can set yourself up to accept payments in just a few hours saving yourself days, if not weeks, of work.  On top of that, it comes with excellent developer support from people who really care about helping you get up and running.  This product is so great that I contacted them and offered to send along this endorsement.

-Steve Trombley
Praximity Consulting Group
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Xojo Developer's Bundle 2015 - Available for a Limited Time
22 Sep : 13:36  by simulanics

Get everything we have available in our online store, plus some other resources that will not be made publicly available, for a limited time, at less than half the price of everything in our store!

Save $194.00 instantly, and only pay $185.00. 

Curious to find out what's in the Xojo Developer's Bundle?

Take a look...

Submitted by simulanics
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FacebookAPI for latest v2.4 API
22 Aug : 00:25  by simulanics

I have updated the FacebookAPI Classes from Xojo Developer's Spot to the latest Facebook version 2.4 API.
Need to interact with Facebook? These classes give you access to post, edit, delete, and alter, Accounts, Achievements, Books, Events, Family, Friend Lists, Events, Family, Friend Lists, Friends, Games, Groups, Home/Wall, Inbox, Likes, Links, Movies, Music, News Feed, Notifications, Outbox, Permissions/Security, Photo Albums, Photos Uploaded, Photo Tags, Pictures, Pokes, Profile Feed, Scores, Statuses, Subscribed To, Tagged, Television, Updates, Video Tags, and Video Uploads just to name a few. You can even upload Photos to Facebook!
Get the encrypted Demos Here to Try-Before-You-Buy!Download: http://www.xojodevspot.com/fbdemo/FacebookAPIDemo-v2.4-Encrypted.xojo_binary_project
(Save Link As)
With a commercial license, you may use and re-use these classes in your own software. You may not redistribute or resell the un-compiled classes. You will receive updates to these classes should any bugs arise (or APIs ever change), and you receive support for integration, use, as well as help in custom tailoring of the classes, to fit your specific needs per request.

(Current license holders of the previous API version, will receive the updated version via email by the automated mailing system at XDS)
As always, you can try before you buy, so you have nothing to lose. The encrypted version does not permit building of stand alone applications.Don't know how to setup a Facebook Application? No Problem! A full step-by-step help file is included to get your first Facebook Application up and running for testing with the demo, or creating your own Xojo-Facebook Application using the FacebookAPI classes. This demo, being encrypted, only allows access of the classes via desktop. The classes are compatible with Web Edition and iOS, but no demos including these platforms are included.The source has been fully tested in both Windows and Mac OS X. Linux should work as well, but has only had limited testing as of current.
* Disabled items are items which existed in the previous API version, but are no longer accessible. Facebook has removed these items due to security related issues and because of abuse. You may enable them in the demo to see Facebook return "No longer Supported" and "Depreciated. No longer available" error messages. * Facebook use to permit loading of entire friend lists, but now only permits viewing friends that have also authorized the Facebook application. There is no way around their latest security policies. *

Submitted by simulanics
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FacebookAPI v2.4 Beta Classes Unencrypted
11 Aug : 16:21  by simulanics

If you've already purchased the Facebook API classes in the past, and belong to the beta testing group, here are the updated v2.4 beta classes for testing. Beta testing will proceed for the next 14 days. You'll will need the Simulanics WebCrypt utility to convert the image to a Xojo binary project file, as with previous project betas. 


(Decrypted filesize: 596KB)

Submitted by simulanics
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Using SerialPort Communications in Xojo!
04 Aug : 15:24  by simulanics

A new Xojo tutorial is ready for those interested in creating an application in Xojo that can communicate with a serial device. 

In this session, Geoff does an excellent job of demonstrating the simplicity of communicating with a serial barcode scanner, via USB port!

Submitted by simulanics
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XDS Font Embedder for WebEdition
03 Aug : 10:44  by simulanics

XDS Font Embedder for WebEdition will help any developer use custom TTF/OTF fonts in their web applications by converting them to an embeddable W3C universal format. The benefit of embedding a font, is that the application will look uniform across all operating systems and all mobile devices. The end user of the web application DOES NOT have to have the font installed on their system/device, since it is embedded directly in the webpage. Unlike SVG, OET, TTF, and OTF font formats which are not web cross-platform/device compatible, this simple utility will ensure a uniform look and feel across all systems. The utility will generate all code and files necessary to embed any and all TTF/OTF UTF-8 fonts, with no thought required by the developer! Simply specify the desired fonts, generate the code, copy and paste, drag and drop, and set your WebStyles! 

The utility is 100% free to use, but if you use it for commercial use, we hope you appreciate it enough to make a donation to XDS to keep the utilities and resources flowing for all Xojo developers.


Submitted by simulanics
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Project Relocation
22 Jul : 10:39  by simulanics

The projects menu has been removed.

The following projects have been moved to the Code Library:
  • ElastiControls for Desktop
  • WebElastiControls for Web Edition
  • XDS WebControls

Login is still required to download from the code library, in order to prevent bots and automated downloaders from scraping the site. You may use the site search bar to locate any content, including downloads.

Submitted by simulanics
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Using User Defined CSS in Xojo Web Apps
20 May : 20:36  by simulanics

Again and again, I see people asking if it is possible to use CSS directly in a Xojo Web Edition Application. To most, even well known Xojo developers, the answer is, "No." This is a common misconception, and is 100% false. You may in fact utilize CSS directly in your webapps since Real Studio 2011, and it is fully supported. 

How To:
  • 1) Paste the CSS in your Application Header.
  • 2) Create EMPTY Xojo webstyles with the SAME NAME as the CSS Class names. (By empty, it is meant, DO NOT use the the Xojo Style editor to apply any styles to the webstyle you created).
  • 3) Using the Xojo IDE property inspector, set the desired styles using the Style property, by selecting the names of the CSS classes.
Here is a demo web application using user defined CSS.

Submitted by simulanics
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ElastiControls Desktop/Web Edition & XDSControls (Web) Open Sourced
27 Apr : 23:10  by simulanics

Visit the Projects page to get downloads, submit bugs, get usage help, and submit code contributions for the projects.

Submitted by simulanics
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5th Annual Spring Sales Event
20 Apr : 11:58  by simulanics

As we do every year, multiple times a year, we have amazing sales discounts to help ensure developers get exactly what they need! All items in the XDS Store have been reduced by upto 75% off to welcome in the sleuth of new code and controls that will be appearing soon.

For a limited time get ElastiControls for Web and Desktop at the best price possible! Take a look at our other controls as well! Demos can be provided for items which do not explicitly offer downloadable demos.

Submitted by simulanics
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WebElastiControls v1.3 Beta Preview
19 Apr : 21:46  by simulanics

WebElastiControls is the Web Edition version of ElastiControls (for Desktop).

**Font style sizing has been disabled for the web preview.

After 2 years of existing as part of the XTeTiC Framework for Xojo (http://xojodevspot.com/page.php?11 ), both the Web and Desktop control auto-sizing classes have been separated explicitly for use as an Elastic Windows replacement.

License holders of the ElastiControls for Desktop, will automatically receive the WebElastiControls classes free of charge. The stable release is set to be released the first week of May. Please test custom developer controls using the provided preview version 1.3, and report any sizing issues which arise, so that they may be addressed before the first public release.Thanks!

Matthew A. Combatti 

Submitted by simulanics
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